A Peek In The Shower


Rock hard again. It was like that every morning. I listened to see if mom was walking around and I didn’t hear movement. I started rubbing my cock and I heard a sound. It was the shower. It was only mom and me since the divorce so of course it was her. I always looked at her tits. They were so big and her nipples were always hard. I got up and walked slowly so she wouldn’t hear the footsteps. Cock still out above my underwear. The bathroom door was slightly open and I pushed it in slowly so I could get a better look. The glass door to the shower was frosted but you could still see enough. 

I watched as she was soaping up her body. Watched her bend over and wash her long slender legs. Her huge motherly tits hanging as she bent over. She worked her hands between her hairy pussy over her tummy. She cupped her wet tits and I saw how soft and fleshy they were. I wanted to suck on her big hard nipples as I fucked her. I was stroking my cock so hard but I didn’t want to cum. I wanted to keep watching. She grabbed a razor and propped a leg up and did a quick shave. She wanted to keep it neat but hairy. I wanted to bury my face in her bush. I felt bold.

I knocked, “Mom, I need to put my contacts in.”

“Come on in honey”

She was scrubbing her hair and I watched the soap and bubbles flow down her womanly shape. I took my time putting my contacts in. Saying I dropped one or it irritated my eyes. She didn’t care that I was in there. I was her son. I watched and she seemed to start putting on a show for me. Arching her back as she washed. Turning so I can see her ass. I continued stroking and didn’t care if she could see me. When she put her hands between her legs to wash I couldn’t hold back any longer and I came into the sink. I pulled up my shorts and washed away my cum.

“All done Mom, thanks.”

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